N/O Service

A service collection comprised of a decanter, teacup, jars and tray. Slip cast ceramic with sandblasted ash wood tops, in a selection of hand-blended terrestrial glazes. Variation is expected. Hand wash and dishwasher safe. 



—a clay mineral with a soft consistency and earthy texture.



—an edible sea kelp used to make dashi broth.



—a glimmering metalized glaze paired with hand-charred wood, echoing characteristics of flame oxidized charcoal.



—a natural earth pigment containing limonite, an iron hydroxide mineraloid.


N/O Service Glaze Palette

N/O Service glazes are nuanced and timeless. Kombu, Kaolin, and Ochre combine soft earth mineral colors with natural ash wood tops. Twilight is a glimmering metalized glaze paired with hand-charred wood.