A/M Pendant Small

A petite downlight with a terraced clay surface and soft ambient glow. A hefty brass disc provides a sturdy platform and junction between ceramic and salt. The partially-enclosed shade base captures light, redirecting it upward into the variegated salt bead above, lending warmth to the arduous task light below.


A/M Glaze Palette

Shades are cast in mineral-rich clay and adorned with mica-laden glazes producing soft glimmering and time-worn surfaces—developed to emphasize an interdependence between minerals in the clay and glaze. This carefully chosen palette adapts to any environment.


Light Quality

Himalayan salt crystal is a light diffusing material in juxtaposition to full spectrum, high lumen LED. Made with pure gallium nitride, this LED emits a violet light source allowing you to see the clarity and brightness of whites. Objects appear true to their shade. Lamp included.